Working with engineers, architects and planners, we provide innovative acoustic solutions to enhance professional and social life through designing high quality environments.

We offer acoustic projects in the following fields of application:

Environmental pollution is one of the most harmful factors today affecting quality of life in urban areas, in particular,  noise pollution  is considered as a major environmental problem since it has been an emerging issue in the last years.


The tools that we offer for noise control, according to the requirements of European legislation, are:

■  Acoustic Zoning

■  Strategic Noise Mapping

■  Noise Action Planning

■  Environmental Noise Impact Assessment

In architectural acoustics field we offer the following services:


■  Room Acoustics

□  Conceptual planning of rooms that provide guidance to architectural design process in order to obtain better sound

quality and to reduce unwanted noise.

□  Acoustic design of rooms including material specifications.

□  Acoustic treatment of rooms that require higher levels of speech intelligibility or privacy.

□  Acoustic simulation of rooms and obtaining objective and subjective sound quality parameters.


■  Building Acoustics and Sound Insulation

□  Design of architectural diagrams to avoid unwanted noise between different functions in a building complex.

□  Sound insulation solutions to avoid external noise and internal noise caused by building elements and equipments.




Today the full spectrum of human experiences is being considered in a wide variety of fields; the design of consumer goods, marketing and the design of private and virtual spaces amongst others.  Multisensory design is getting much more important to enhance the interaction and to intensify the sensorial experiences of people, related to the goods, services, spaces.


In Soundimensions we believe that high quality virtual acoustic representations add a lot in success of design projects since it takes the visualization to a higher level of realism.


In addition, since sound related problems basically depend on the overall perception of the sound rather than mere levels of the sound, it is crucial to consider other non-acoustic factors in the evaluation process of the design projects. Soundimensions offer user-centered multisensory assessment services to evaluate sound quality or noise issues of your architectural/urban design project in a more accurate way.


Our services include:


■  Virtual Representation of Urban Design Projects

Improve decision making process, provide easy to understand public information material, obtain public opinion prior to the implementation of the urban design projects.


■  Virtual Representation of Architectural Design Projects

Improve design process with immersive project walkthroughs and obtain client preferences through comprehensive multisensorial analysis.


■  Multisensory Assessment of Noise Action Plans

Objective analysis of the effectiveness of the proposed measures (expected attenuation levels) in noise action plans and subjective analysis to find out how the noise action plan measures are perceived (aural & visual) by the people.