Specialized Technical Training on Acoustics (2013-15)

Technical Assistance Diputacion de Huelva (2015)

Acoustic Zoning and Noise Impact Assessment Lucena del Puerto (2015)

Technical Training on Virtual Reality  (2015)

Assistance on Strategic Noise Mapping and Noise Action Planning -  EU Project (2014-15)

¡Anda Escucha Me! (2014)

Noise Mapping Courses in University of Malaga(2014-15)

SoundMAZE (2014)

Virtual Reality Lab. - University of Seville (2013)

Technical Assistance and Consultancy on

Decree 6/2012  (2013)

VirtualSalon (2013)

Project Plutarco (2013)

Technical Support for Preparation of Acoustic Zoning Plans (2013)

How many decibels are you exposed to in your daily life? (2013)