We use the power of virtual reality technology and offer services and products

to help businesses solve design and marketing problems.


We help businesses develop an innovative way to market, demonstrate and sell their products and services.

We wrap your products in feature-rich virtual worlds, allowing you to present them in context and demonstrate operability and construction at 1:1 scale.

Impress clients with stunning visualizations and take your projects a step further with highly realistic spatial audio.

Real-time, interactive walkthrough, around and inside virtual models, enhances understanding, boosts sales and marketing long before production begins.

Immersive VR product demonstrations enhance customer perception of your brand. Being memorable and being seen as innovative differentiate your business in market.

Reduce reliance to physical prototypes and avoid transfer problems using portable virtual reality systems in meetings, exhibitions and product launches.


We offer realistic and interactive virtual prototypes that

helps you develop more innovative concepts rapidly and cost-effectively.

Virtual Prototyping facilitates an immersive  understanding of a product, especially for ergonomic and aesthetic design.

Helps to contrast design alternatives and choose the best in an intuitive and rapid way.

Allows designers and engineers the ability to test out their designs without building a full-scale working model.

With our advanced auralization technology, designers can focus on aural qualities to bring more innovative products to market ahead of the competition.

Detailed virtual mock-ups foster collaboration in large multidisciplinary teams thanks to its ability to convey design-related information in a fast and easy-to-understand way.

With custom-developed interactive simulators you can effectively inform, educate or train your employees/customers while reducing physical and financial risks.


We design and develop custom tools for  businesses that help them see through customers' eyes.

Customers/users themselves are the source of much innovation, thus incorporating the user in design process can help to design extremely customized and successful products.

More clearly convey your innovative designs to customers.

Show prospective customers that you understand their needs—and can meet them.

Enhances customer perception of your brand and gives competitive edge over rivals.

Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, we capture and analyze what customers like, hate, where they have latent needs. In this way we provide unprecedented insights to achieve breakthrough designs.

Assess market requirements to accelerate innovation.


Choose a head-mounted display system or a 3d projection system, SOUNDIMENSIONS provides on-site installation and expert training to jumpstart your team.

We realize VR showroom installations for marketing purposes as well as fully-equipped VR labs for design and research.

With our light-weight mobile systems you can attract and stimulate your audience in exhibitions or impress clients in your individual demonstrations.

We also offer rental services for businesses that opt for  flexible solutions: you can use our VR showroom for your presentations or we travel to the location of your choice to set up a VR system and let you demonstrate your product and impress clients.


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