SoundMaze is a game which offers not only a visual immersion but also a  precise auditory immersion. In design process of SoundMaze, we have employed advanced auralization techniques and high quality audio samples in order to achieve best spatial audio experience.


The basic objective of the game is to find a hidden object in a maze. The only way to find that object is “listening”. The spatial cues of the incoming sound from the hidden object will help the gamer localize it. However, there will be lots of other interfering sounds which may confuse and disorientate the gamer.




SoundMaze is a byproduct of our researches related to auditory perception and, at bottom, it is designed to be a simple “attentive listening” exercise. It stimulates the gamer to listen carefully to his/her surroundings, to focus on a target sound and to disentangle it from the complex auditory scene.  The game encompasses introductory information on phenomenon like sound attenuation, auditory spatial cues, auditory masking, soundscapes and noise. It is also intended to raise awareness on adverse effects of noise and auditory masking in our daily lives.


In SOUNDIMENSIONS we believe that virtual reality technology can be used to develop efficient tools to strengthen auditory skills of people. Such applications can be especially beneficial if used as auditory training and diagnostic tools for auditory health care of children.



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