September 2010

Architectural Reuse of a Church

There is a new tendency to convert historic churches in auditoria for concert music following the assumption that visiting their architectural features can attract more residents and tourists to music and vice versa. Nevertheless to make these spaces suitable for music representations, several architectural modifications are necessary and, on the other side, these modifications must fulfill constrains connected to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the sites. It is often necessary to take decisions which are a compromise between several requirements.

In this study the acoustic evaluation of the baroque church of S.Maria della Pietrasanta in Naples (Italy) is presented. Several architectural non-invasive and removable solutions are presented in order to control acoustic parameters without modifying the emotional sensations of the visitors. Through a non-immersive virtual reality system based on the auralization and visualization of the solutions, a sample of visitors and experts has expressed their judgments on the proposed projects.

This project has been conducted by our team member Seckin Basturk at RiAS laboratory (SUN - Italy) within the scope of PhD research activities.