June 2010

Environmental Impact of a Highway

The END 2002/49/CE identifies noise maps as one of possible action to avoid, prevent or reduce the harmful effects due to exposure to environmental noise. Nevertheless, several international studies, carried out in urban open spaces, have shown that below some values of noise levels the acoustic comfort of people doesn't depend only on energetic levels, but rather by multi-perceptual factors. Recent developments in virtual reality technology and audio rendering techniques allow us to experiment new approaches for environmental noise assessment which evaluate noise annoyance. In the present study the acoustic impact of a project of a new motorway has been evaluated according to the audio-visual approach with help of immersive and non-immersive virtual reality applications and compared with traditional noise predictive method based on noise maps and noise limits.

This project has been conducted by our team member Seckin Basturk at RiAS laboratory (SUN - Italy) within the scope of PhD research activities.