March 2011


Community noise measures are conventionally based on various indicators derived from sound pressure levels. However this approach usually encounters difficulties in evaluation of experienced quality of soundscapes. Furthermore, communication of the technical noise information through maps and numbers is far away of depicting complex sonic environments. Virtual Reality technology offers possible improvements in these issues introducing realistic experience of sound and its context. In this preliminary study it is aimed to demonstrate the potentiality of a multisensory (audio-visual) evaluation technique, involving the end users during the design process and administration. The multisensory evaluation technique has been applied to a case study in historic neighbourhood Triana of Seville (Spain). This initial study is concluded with a demonstrative virtual reality application and with insights on possible future directions including the experiment protocol that should be designed with objective and subjective psychological measures.

Virtual Triana project has been conducted by our team members Seckin Basturk and Francisca Perea Perez at Junta de Andalucia within the scope of PhD research activities.